⚡️Product managers, don't do other people's job: Taruna ManchandaSome weeks ago, I asked on Twitter which are the best product managers I should have on the show. And many people said we should have Taruna Manchanda…
Here's how.
Adopting Donella Meadows' thesis to Product Management
Detailed Analysis
Credit cycles, Neobanking & Fintech 2.0 with Gaurav Sharma, CEO of Neo-BankListen now (53 min) | I don’t say this lightly - this is, in my opinion, one of the best episodes on the Use Case podcast, and not one to miss! 'Bread…
Understanding latent anti-China sentiment in Covid stricken India and its impact.
Managing product teams, cracking the Google interview, writing & more with Disha ChhabraA top product manager talks about building products, writing, cracking interviews, and more.
with Tamal Bandyopadhyay
Pricing strategies for Indian startupsListen now (31 min) | Framing, Bundling, Predatory Pricing & more with Prof Sreelata, IIMB
Over 10 years ago, when I joined the city desk of a newspaper, my salary was probably half of what my classmates from college took home. Most of them…
Product Management 2: Deepak Abbot, ex SVP at Paytm on Building an app for India & Growth Hacking [BONUS VIDEO CONTENT]Listen now (40 min) | India is the world’s fastest-growing app market but it is also a competitive and fragmented market. Only a few companies have been…