Mar 31, 2020 • 46M

Writing, gaming & product designing with Anshumani Ruddra, VP of Products at Hotstar

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A writer, a game designer and a product manager walked into a bar.

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Twist - all of the three is the same person!

Say hello to Anshumani Ruddra, who is presently the VP of Products at Hotstar. He’s worn the hat of a writer, a game designer and a PM, which gives him the unique ability of looking at products in a way that most of us skip.

Come to think of it, just as a well written article takes you through a journey while gradually stacking layers of information, a good game design or a good user journey does exactly that. You begin by subtly grabbing the user’s attention, adding a new piece of information without overwhelming the reader/user and then continue doing so until you reach a call to action (CTA).

In our case, the CTA is us requesting you to check out this awesome podcast with Anshumani.

Listen in!


  • 0:25- Managing work from home in Covid-19 lockdown 😷

  • 2:30- Anshumani’s journey and his tryst as a writer and some writing tips

  • 7:10- The concept of instant gratification and it’s relevance to products, life and work

  • 11:08- ‘Products and games’ : gaming and how firms are ‘gamifying’ their products

  • 21:40- External rewards vs internal rewards

  • 24:00- Can gifting as a source of monetisation for live streaming work in India?

  • 31:30- How Hotstar built a community feature on their app & concept of exit cost

  • 42:00- Angel investing and fundraising after covid-19