The untold Flipkart story with Mihir Dalal, Author of Big Billion Startup


Seasoned Indian business journalist and author of ‘Big Billion Startup- The untold Flipkart story’, Mihir Dalal shares the ups and downs in Flipkart’s growth story and the journey of the people who built it. He and Ravish unpack some stories from the book that have never been told in the media before. Lots of lessons to learn from the big Indian unicorn!

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  • 00:50: Amazon’s influence on early Flipkart, Two Pizza teams and culture

  • 06:00: Taking risks even when there isn’t a lot of visibility, turning down early acquisition offers

  • 11:00: On pompous Venture Capital Lords and Flipkart

  • 15:00: Enter the Tiger, Lee Fixel and Deep Kalra

  • 19:00: With $10 million, Flipkart powers ahead

  • 20:01: Flipkart’s official sex appeal bringer

  • 25:00: Iyappa, the Human ERP at Flipkart

  • 29:00: Cash on Delivery as a game changer

  • 32:00: How to hold inventory without inventory

  • 33:00: Sujeet Kumar- the man who got things done

  • 37:20: Competition heats up as Amazon enters India

  • 39:00 General Atlantic shocker and emergency funding

  • 41:03: Fixing the broken bits: Kalyan Krishnamurthy 

  • 48:30: After the funding boom, Snapdeal and other rivals

  • 51:15: Mihir reads out a chapter!  Enter Softbank!

  • 64:30: Market consolidation, exits and acquisitions