Startups, Venture Capital and a trip down the memory lane


It’s not often you meet old friends and take a trip down the memory lane and wind up with a podcast decent enough (I think) for other people to listen to. I caught up with Vineet Devaiah, the co-founder of Teliportme (10 mn + downloads on Play Store) after long and had a fun talk about venture capital, startups and we even talked about GPT3, a la hype cycles.

The last we met, was at the Indian Coffee House (not the one on Church Street) in Bengaluru. We were both at the crossroads. I was about to move on from FactorDaily and he was about to move on from I moved on and joined Freshworks. He stuck to his guns and continued to build. Go ahead and give it a listen. You might like it.

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Ravish joins me next week for an episode with an amazing episode, with an amazing product manager.

Cheers — JPK