Dec 28, 2020 • 47M

Let's Talk Money with Monika Halan

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Welcome to yet another episode of The Use Case Podcast. I hope you've started thinking about your new year’s resolutions because if you are then you've got to listen to today's show. Believe me, it's going to change how you think about money. Our guest today is Monika Halan, the author of the best-selling book Let's Talk Money, published by Harper Collins in 2018. Monika has worked across several media organizations in India and has run many successful TV shows around personal finance in NDTV, Zee, and Bloomberg.

She's also a consulting editor at Mint. And ever since I read her book, I just wanted to have her on the show to talk about personal finance, because this is such an important topic for people in the startup ecosystem. 

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★ Show notes ★

In this show, we talked about a mental model called ‘The Money Box’ that helps you think about your personal finance better. Some of the  basics of the Money Box we talked about are:

✅ Understanding cashflows (income, expense, and savings)

✅ Creating an emergency fund

✅ Insuring yourself and the people around you from shocks

✅ Investing your money smartly

We also talked about why it’s a bad idea to (subject to caveats):

❌ Confuse insurance with investment

❌ Invest in real estate

❌ Buy gold as an investment

❌ Take on debt for instant gratification

Links to the stuff we talked about in the show

👉🏾 Buy Let’s talk Money on Amazon (contains an affiliate link)

👉🏾 Follow Monika on Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog

👉🏾 Thread by Dhimant of Better India on Personal Finance

I really enjoyed this conversation. I hope you do too! Like the podcast? Spread the word.