Building brands like Airtel, Vistara and Infosys, with Meeta Malhotra of The Hard Copy


The art of building big brands in an Indian context

We’re here with yet another episode of the Use Case podcast. And this time we have with us Meeta Malhotra, the founder of The Hard Copy, a magazine that focuses on design, growth, and innovation in India.

Meeta started her career with Infosys and was one of the partners at the famous brand design consultancy, Ray and Keshavan. Over the years, she's played a huge role in shaping several brands that you see today like Airtel, Kotak Bank, Mother Dairy, Titan, and Vistara Airlines.

In this episode, we cover the six key components of brand building and illustrate how it’s applied through the example of brands like Vistara.

  1. Business strategy

  2. Brand strategy

  3. Brand architecture

  4. Visual identity

  5. Brand communication

  6. Brand performance & association

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