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Investing in Deep Tech & AI with Manish Singhal, Pi VenturesManish Singhal of Pi Ventures on how they evaluate and fund deep tech startups. 
Venture Debt - the what, why and when not! With Ishpreet Singh, Stride VenturesThere is a saying that debt is often cheaper than equity. Our topic for today is venture debt, which has become mainstream in the Indian start-up ecosy…
Term sheets are F*ing complicated; Kushal Bhagia explains them best!Listen now | How valuations work, types of rights put in SHAs & more!
It takes about three minutes to read this. Not to become a better writer.
Pricing strategies for Indian startupsListen now (31 min) | Framing, Bundling, Predatory Pricing & more with Prof Sreelata, IIMB
A story I've been waiting to tell is finally here.
How to measure and value a SaaS company? With Shripati Acharya, Prime Venture PartnersListen now (35 min) | If you’re a data driven professional, in all likelihood this episode is for you. There are also some interesting analysis techniq…
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